"Carbon Fiber Repairs"

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Do I have to remove all my components before the frame can be repaired?

Short answer is yes.

In order to quickly repair affected area of concern all components must be removed as it allows the ease of access all around the area with damage.

It allows the frame to be painted and refinished to the original manufacturers specification without having to battle existing components in the way.

Do you offer warranty?

Limited lifetime warranty is offered to all our carbon fiber repair work.

Warranty is only valid to the customer that had performed the frame repair with roadbikerepair. If the frame is sold or given to another person the warranty is non-transferrable. Warranty does not cover regular wear and tear or cosmetic blemishes caused through normal day to day riding.

Do you need my fork?

We generally do not need your fork unless you decide to custom paint your entire bike, than we can paint the fork to match the rest of the bike.

What do you repair?

We typically repair all carbon frames weather is your road racing machine or a time trial beast, cyclo-cross, carbon wheels or your mountain bike.

It is strongly advised against repairing forks, handlebars, stems and carbon wheel braking surfaces as our safety is your safety and is most important to all of us.

What is your lead time on repairs?

On average it takes 2 weeks for simple repairs. Simple repair is classified as a dime size carbon damage on the frame with 1 color to match and no decals.

For more extensive damages i.e. decal matching, multiple carbon fractures and more than 2 colors it could take up to 4 weeks on average.

Is the frame heavier after the repair?

Frame weight gain in most cases in negligible, in most of our repairs the weight gain is less than 1 ounce.

Can you paint my whole frame the way I want it?

Of course, you can just bring us the color sample and we will customize your ride, we can include original decals, or your own unique designs on the frame i.e. you want metallic orange color with indigo blue lettering underneath and clear coated to be glossy, you name it and we will do it.